Baby Dolls and Girls!


What come’s to mind when you think of Girls and baby dolls? 


Growing up My favorite toys was Barbie Dolls! but of Course!! that was like the most popular Toy in my Young childhood.

I don’t really remeber what made me love them so much, besides the fact They kept me entertained for the moment and all the other propaganda about the dolls during  “my” childhood. But the one thing i remember most is i had 90% dolls that did not match my Skin color. When i was a girl i didnt pay any mind to the fact or even really noticed most of my dolls did not look like me, i was just happy to have the “New” popular doll.

I would’t say my mom was not proud of our Skin color, i would just say she was caught up in the propaganda as well.

Well when i had girls, This Was To Pass,

I Vowed that i will give my girls baby dolls that looks like them, i mean seems most Right!! at first i felt bad for not having any, well not any but 1 or 2 baby dolls in thier toy chest that does not look like them and more than likely was a “gift”. But Nowadays I Don’t feel bad at all. My girls deserve to have dolls that looks like them, dolls that’s relatable to everyday girls like them. we all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and moods. and we all need to feel valuable and appreciated. Girls Run the world!! and girls with dolls are more Calm. hehehehe i speak from an experienced mom, who uses dolls to Fix temper tantrums 🤗


what’s your most memorable memory of your favorite doll?







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