What’s all the Stress about?


Ever stress about having it all?

Here’s 3 tips you can try to worry less.

1. Be brave

2. Be inspiring

3. Work hard play hard.

1. #BeBrave

You don’t have to stress about it!



I have an insight on how to change your state of mind!



Are you ready?



Stop trying and start doing! 😁

Stop talking about it and be about it!!

All the energy and time you wasted on talking yourself out of something could’ve went towards something productive or something purposeful, perhaps, something more positive, Maybe all three.

Go for it!

If you continue placing self fear/doubt you will never elevate. There’s only room for growth, you can’t go back in time, why would you want to?


2. #Workhard 🎈 #playhard

There’s so much ahead. Prepare for it then work towards it. You have to work hard towards the things you want out of life, just like you work hard for those things you need in your life.

*Set goals

*Crush goals

*Set new Goals

*Crush new goals

3. #Inspire to #aspire

No one can be you, only you can be you. There’s always someone or something inspiring and motivating us to do better be better and get better, but only you can physically and mentally activate those unique powers.


Try to stand out from the rest today, do something different, do something fun, check off those small goals, worry about the bigs one next week. You have a lifetime to worry and stress. Lbs, Take this day to Be Happy! Let’s focus on today and today only. Give yourselves some credit on the accomplishments you made this far.

We deserve it!

Aspire to inspire, we all have it in us, you just need to ACTIVATE THOSE POWERS. Stick around follow and party with us, We guarantee to brighten and sparkle up your day, we could even throw you a party! Give u a good enough reason!🦄

Don’t get left out the party!


Here’s some inspiring people and moments to motivate you!!


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For everyday inspirations.


Michelle Obama is coming to chicago to kick off her book tour! This is a party we want to attend for sure!

Read more here,


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