Partymom throw’s a birthday party @ Mr. B’s old fashioned donuts shop!

PartyMom is no stranger to throwing parties, But when I tell you she is the partymom of all parties, we mean it!

One day on a beautiful day in early February, PartyMom walked into the Mr. B’s old fashioned donut shop, located on the west side of chicago, near pulaski and madison. Walking onto the fairly new establishment she (PartyMom) was some what amazed by the beautiul and modern layout of the donut shop.

Happy Birthday!

3-24-18 šŸŽˆ

If you’re from the garfield park neighborhood or know anything of the neighborhood, you can understand why she was some what amazed. The location itself has been transformed from several different businesses over a few years. It was not surprising to see yet another different business there, but this one was different, a step up from the previous businesses.

We have a Mr. B’s donut shop on the WEST SIDE of Chicago!

Let that sink in.

Nevertheless, this was inspiring to see a new business and a known name favorite right here In our “hood”. It seems as if something sweet was emerging in the town and in partymom’s head for that matter. This clicked a light bulb moment. Put partymom on a beautiful scene mixed with sweets and treats and you are sure to get a party. Within 10 minutes into Mr. B’s donut shop PartyMom asks to speak to who’s in charge!

Hey there, is the boss in today?

Unfortunately, he was not there at the time, but he did give Partymom a call just two hours later! He started describing how no one ever thought or inquired about a birthday party ever with or at Mr. B’s old fashioned donut shop.

Let’s change that today!

I have a plan.


She began to explain the limitless possibilities that can happen, things that he had never thought of,

Thank you for considering having your party here! I never had anyone to inquire about having a party here or at any Mr. B’s. I look forward doing business with you!


Couple weeks of planning and now her idea was a reality. There she was throwing the first ever birthday party at Mr. B’s old fashioned donut shop. This was definitely the start of something new! Something big! Something PartyMom Style!


***Time for the Party! ****

The turnout was Amazing! We enjoyed every minute of it

“Donut tours”

PartyMom is your Host!

Children watching the bakers make the donuts, The premade donuts are for the party and awaiting, because your party planner(PartyMom) has already arranged for the donuts to be premade so the children can enjoy decorating them themselves.

2.*Decorate the Donuts!

With, your friends,

Here’s the toppings we used.

^Mr. B’s strawberry frosting

^Mr. B’s chocolate frosting

^Rainbow sprinkles

-PartyMom Request!

3.*Then we chilled down enjoying,

chilly willy’s!!




PartyMom what a job well done! The day finished with smiles, milestone, unforgettable memories, new friendships and endless possibilities. This is one party to go down in the books.

PartyMom you’re an inspiration to your neighbors, other young entrepreneurs, businesses, and those surrounding you wanting to be part of your party, you’re positive force, Keep on seeing the beauty in all things. We love and adore you. See you next party!

Don’t get left out the party!


  1. How cool is that! I grew up on the west side, so I COMPLETELY understand what you mean. Southsiders still try to drag my side of town. Anywho, I also love throwing parties, so Iā€™m loving this post for several reasons. Kudos to you PartyMom!

    Liked by 1 person

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