🏈G.A.M.E D.A.Y!!!🏈

Football season has arrived.

For dad that means every TV in the house is set on football stations all day. Greatly, our daddy (my bae) does not neglect his daddy duties, that is what’s so charming about him. Dad is never to busy for his family even when football is on! For our children this means non-stop begging, believing because he’s distracted he will eventually give in to their manipulative motives. Sometimes he don’t most time he does. Lol (Not that distracted) he just gives into the girls like all dads do with thier litte girls. This is where I (PartyMom) come in to the rescue. I come to bring balance to our family, with my magical partymom powers! We want to show dad we understand a dad needs his “Game day” to complete his week day. There’s no monday workday without pass sunday game talk.

Here’s how we spent our sunday trying out our new arrivals!! Giving dad time to enjoy his Game Day!


First we started with yummy snacks!Popcorn was the perfect treat good enough to enjoy but light enough to leave room for dinner! #perfectsnack

Then we needed a cold one to wash it down. So we grabbed a cold #Dasani ! #limeedition

Then we enjoyed a nice family game of bingo!! Just so happen the theme was #Football

You’re a winner!

There gift was a sweet custom gift from PartyMom’s special collection!


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