Monday🏈 G.A.M.E D.A.Y

The bears are in town!!!

We are not going to mention last weeks game, I want to stay positive today. What are your game plans? Will you be watching the game with your partner? Or will he/she be watching the game and you will be browsing facebook pretending to watch it. I can relate, sometimes I’m just happiest sitting there knowing bae is enjoying himself.

I don’t really watch the game for the excitement, I’ve found myself objectifying the men. lol, I’m looking at them tight pants like; why? I understand the logic and the real reasonings why, etc, The less weight on you the faster you can move, but why tight leggings, it’s just not a good look for you bro.

Nevertheless, I commend the athletes. It takes real commitment and dedication for a man to wear SKIN TIGHT PANTS and be comfortable. I guess it can be a “stretchy” topic for those who doesn’t have sense of humor and let this one go right over thier head. 🤣

Party Girl!!♥️🎈

This morning I got all my children out to school on time. To you this may or may not be normal, but for partymom it’s a lifestyle. We have four children in three differnt schools. This can get challenging at times, but I seem to manage quite well. Since school started we had two late days and I will take the blame, trying to get that extra 15 minutes of sleep does takes us back about 15 minutes. Keeping routines keeps me on track, it’s a must. It helps me keep my family and I on a straight and arrow. Getting everyone to school on time may not seem like a big accomplishment, but for me it is, I take my children education very serious. Being kind being respectful receiving good grades and maintaining a good attendance is mandatory in “MY” house. These things are important and matters to thier academic growth. Being a parent isn’t always easy, but it’s always rewarding! Everytime they win, i win. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. I hope you’re reading this “Bears” players let’s get a win today! Chicago deserves it.


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