70th Primetime Emmy Awards Award ceremony

*****Spoiler Alert****

Everyone’s a winner here!

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to check out the Emmy’s live. When I realized the show was on the credits were rolling in. I checked out the “ratings statistics.” I was curious to know how many of us missed it. I am pleased to mention I am not alone. (By a long shot) However, I will be checking out the highlights, give it a day or two.

Do I have a choice?

Two days after the Emmy’s and social media is still talking, posting and sharing highlights from the show. While writing this blog I received close to forty notifications on The Emmy’s. I actually wish I caught it live, I love the two host. Michael Che and Colin Jost are adorable together. I love thier segment on SNL (Saturday night live). I get a good laugh from it everytime I catch it.

*Sneak Peek*

70th Emmy’s Award

The morning of the 70th Emmy’s award I found myself awakening to my normal routine. Started with a smooth morning. Everyone was prepared, and ready to start our day. We headed out with three minutes to spare.

Thank you girls for getting yourself together in a timely manner. l am proud of you. let’s roll!

Drop offs!

It’s early in the morning and everyone is headed out before 8:00am. We are prepared and ready for the weekday, Drop off’s easy breezy. Everyone’s marked in on time. The three different drop off’s getting easier. I hope I am able to maintain this schedule during the winter season. After drop offs It’s time for (me) to start my workday. PartyMom is in full throttle. Time to put this party in full circle. There’s much to Celebrate, Emmy’s, Birthdays, and getting the kids to school on time, Again. Headed to my first stop the route is pretty open, traffic is what it is, This is Chicago. Here I go once more, giving my self the pep talk.

let’s roll PartyMom!

Several deliveries were done while the girls were in school. Wow! Where has the time gone. Job well done I could add. I managed to get to all my deliveries on time. Check out my next blog for sneak peeks of my deliveries. Being on time is a must for me. As a mom and a planner maintaining a clear schedule is key to keeping on track.

Pick ups!

Time to pick up the children. First stop I get there in the nick of time not a minute earlier. When entering the Lunch room my best friend (my child) runs and gives me a big hug and goes on to tell me.”mommy I had a good day”. I replied. Yes! I knew you would.

I give her a hug, I grab her hand and we walk towards the door. We are headed to our next stop. First stop was my youngest. Our conversations are the most interesting. I tell everyone she’s a lady in a toddler’s body. That is why we are bestfriends. She really gets me. She’s my little me.

Second stop!

As I pull up to our second stop I arrived fifthteen minutes early. I find a nice spot next to a beautiful tree where I can park and await for my princess to be dismissed. The wait was somewhat uncomfortable. Five minutes into the wait I fought off two mosquitoes that creeped into the crack of my window while I was enjoying the breeze. Is it me or does it seem like the mosquitoes are very aggressive this time of year.

Last stop!

Last pick up is the most challenging. when I arrive to the last school, it takes a couple of minutes to find parking. Most times I park in the alley. The street can get crowded. The cars are literally bumper to bumper. Walking into the school I enter through the double blue doors. Passing throughout the halls I make eye contact and speak to everyone I pass. Sometimes I stop for small talk, If I have time to spare. Most people I pass through the halls are people I know. My neighbors, A couple of family members, clients and school staff that I chat or speak to on a regular basis. These people are part of my community. It’s important for me to speak to them. If I speak to them every time we meet, I am able to recognize when they’re having a good day or a not so good day. I am a nurture so naturally It’s my mother natural instinct that put this characteristic in place. How about you, do you consider yourself as a nurture? why or why not?

Check out my next blog I will share tips and talk about how to better your community. We all should do our part. Learning the importance of being part of your community is importance to our economic growth.

Don’t get left out the party!

*Sneak Peek*

On our way home!

Our car rides back home are more calm than our morning rides. Morning rides can get turnt up. During our morning rides we start with a prayer.

Praise break!

I lead the prayer then each girl tag in and say their part. After our prayer I give my girls a motivating speech to help them on the way. I try to be encouraging every chance I get. If my children win, I win. We celebrate with a little car party. We Jam out to our favorite party songs. Yes, I have a Playlist just for our morning car rides. Do you? Check out my next blog for tips on how to pick/create the right Playlist for your Party. I’ll be adding some of my favorites and must haves!

Open enrollment!

After school

Soon after arriving Home from school, The mayhem begins. I could describe it as something right out of an action movie. Somedays I could describe it as a soap opera.

Let me explain!

Twenty minutes into our home, I’m bangarded with several scripts from four different “actors” my (children). Everyday after arriving home my kids are ready to run script on me. As if I don’t already know how this day is about to unfold. We only played it out a million times. We could have our own series! I would call it Keeping Up With The Blacks. I would be the director for sure. If I were to host an award ceremony for my children, I know exactly who will win what!

Best performance

My Oldest,

Nobody puts on a performance like this child, She sings, She dance, She teaches, and She can act. She’s beyond her years. If she wanted to pursue acting I would definitely support her, I know she will be great at it. She’s my child, of course she’ll be great. Anything she puts her mind to she can do it.

Best athlete!

Twin A,

My daughter is the most athletic child I know. She plays basketball and football. She loves bike riding. Ready for a fun fact? She also taught herself how to swim. Yes, she taught herself to swim.This kid is Amazing!!

Best dressed!

Twin B,

Twin B is such a girly girl! She’s the stylist of the family. She loves playing dress up. Everyday she comes home change out of her school shoes and change right into mommy heels. Every girl needs a pair of heels, even if they are mommy’s shoes.

Biggest Helper

Baby girl♥️

If there was an award for biggest helper, this little lady would have it. My baby girl looks like a little girl, but she’s really a lady in a little body. She’s very intuitive and observing, I imagine her to be a journalist when she’s older. Every Morning when we arrive to her school she sets the table, It’s her thing. It’s also motivational for me to. I want to get her to school on time so she can set the table. We’re keeping each other on task.

Team work makes the dream work!

Speaking of teamwork!!

Looking good Bears the new Khalil mack aka the mack attack looking healthy out there, kudos to you brother. I see a bright future for you. Let’s make this a great season Bears!!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

*Sneak Peek*

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