Ernie and Bert did what??

Save the drama

We’re here for a party!

Today’s party favors were inspired by Sesame Street. I’ve watched Sesame Street as a young girl, seemingly my children would to, when they have time. Anyway, When we are not checking out Sesames Street on television, We are bringing the fun characters to life. I made fun party sticks for Sensory Play. I used left over materials used from a previous arts and craft Party. I often keep left over materials just for these moments.

Do you save left over materials?

What types of things do you save?

How do you store those items?

On my next Blog I will be discussing how to keep organized. I will share my tips and discuss what storage items I can’t live without.

Party Sensory Sticks 🎈

If you’re not familiar with Senory Plays let me give some insight. Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. As a mother, I’m always searching for new innovative ways to expand my children mind. They can never learn to much. Knowledge is power. When I worked as the lead camp director for a summer program, I was pleased and ecstatic on how enthused my students and the staff were by my sensory play ideas. I amazed them with activities that all of us would enjoy. We painted, we laughed and we created. We Also marched. Check out Ernie and Bert Marching with friends.

Dont get left out the party!

Time to create!


*Glue gun

*Sesame street cut outs

You can design your own, or buy with us (pre-made) we also customize.

*Paint (what ever colors you like)

I picked bright colors to blend with the cut outs.

*Popsicle Sticks

I used popsicle sticks I previous bought from walmart.

After you gather your materials find a safe spot to create. While using a glue gun please make sure to be safe. Kids do not try this without an adult. Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy. Tag us with your finished projects using the hashtag #PartyMomPartys, If you follow us on Instagram we will shout you out. Have a great week. Don’t get left out the party.

🎈Join the club here🎈

🎈Check last blog here🎈

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