Don’t Rain On Our Parade!

Hey friends! Do you have time for a fun story. I want to talk about my bike party. We kicked off this September with a party to remember. We held our first ever bike party. We held it right here in Chicago,West side of Chicago to be exact.

Here’s how it began. On Saturday Morning, September 1st 2018, My family and I awoke ready for the bike party. The party was scheduled to be held at 10am. When the clock struck 10, The rain drop began. I didn’t worry about the rain. Chicago’s weather never seems to amaze me. I only lived here my entire life. Nevertheless, we made the best of our rainy morning. I already cleared our schedule and we had time to spare, Daddy decided to make a big breakfast that was well deserved. There was no arguments here. We never miss an opportunity to eat daddy’s delicious breakfast.

After our big breakfast I thought for sure everyone would be stuffed and not in the mood. That was not the case at all. That breakfast did us justice. Gave us the fuel we needed. As I cleaned up leftovers, the girls gathered thier bike gear; helmets knee pads and rain jackets, just in case. Daddy took down everyone’s bike. Now it was time to get this party moving and on the roll.

We started at Central Park and Douglas. That is located in the North Lawndale area. The ride was revising. The party last for one hour. We had a blast. We drove through the beautiful Douglas park. The bike path through Douglas Park was a rocky road, a new concrete is well deserved here. Once we crossed over towards Sacramento through Collins High School the path smoothed out. It is very beautiful on this side. It’s a sight to see. Something I hadn’t realized before.

Also, There was some research being done here. Let me explain. My children, bae and I love exploring the city. We’re an adventurous family. We love being outdoors, but sometimes small things like enjoying a bike ride could be challenging for a family, Mom, Dad, or any child for the matter. Residing on the west side of Chicago have it’s ups and downs. The westside is home to some of Chicago’s hardest working women and men. It’s where you will find the most of tenacious people, but there’s times when riding a bike in my own neighborhood can get uncomfortable, and often times it’s dangerous.

As I rode through the neighborhood preparing for the event, I took notice to small concerns that’s fixable by little change. Here’s what I mean. I notice a couple of panhelders, small groups, and traffickers using the bike path for other reasons rather than enjoying the bike path. To be clear not all “contacts” are concerns. Most are positive encounters; Neighbors just enjoying thier neighborhood. Although, strangely not to many people using the bike path. I hope to change this. My plan is every summer to kick off a bike series. Through the bike series my goal stands with uniting communities and neighbors. I inspire a lot of people and neighbors during my events. I pray they too, can inspire other neighbors. My events are for those who wants to be part of a bigger party! I enjoy creating and inspiring, it is truly my purpose. I hope to see you all at my next event. It will be one of many you do not want to miss. Join our mailing list and never miss an invite.

Thanks for reading!

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