October is the official pink month!

October you have arrived!

Returning with a perfect weather prediction of 78*. I can chill with that. Yes, this is my favorite season. The weather is just right, cozy enough for knee high boots and long cardigans. I can’t wait to share my wonderful looks with you this season. I rarely take pictures of my outfits, but I’ve been known to rock a nice outfit or four. I can be a bit of fashionista at times. I’d like to share some looks with you. If you would like to see some of my fall looks comment “Yes girl” in the comments.

I have so many things planned this October; birthdays, parties, family outings, And a special surprise for bae♥️ (stay tuned). Do you have any special activities you and the family will be doing this fall. I’d like to hear about it.

This year I’m looking forward to apple picking. We let the season pass without making it to one apple farm last year. Last year was the the year of the haunted houses.

This month, like every October my pink obsession is coming full circle, not that I ever stop rocking pink, it’s my favorite color. I’m over excited about it. Pink is my happy color, it’s also my birthstone color, so it makes sense why I love it. Ijs.

Think pink!

With many things to be celebrated in this month, October has few holiday’s, many milestones and plenty birthdays for sure, I have three children born in October. Nevertheless, There’s one party that stands out from the rest. And it’s not just for its beautiful color, But for the beautiful Women celebrating. Thousands of women, children, families and organizations come together every year in October to commerderate women fighting or who has fought a battle to breast cancer. October is Breast cancer awareness month. Get ready for pink parties, pink marathons, and importantly families coming together in major ways to celebrate each other.

Party Pink!

Last year I held a PartyMom End of Summer Concert, it was not your average concert. It was a FUN-draiser. We had a blast. We helped raise money going towards (MSABCS)Making Strides against Breast Cancer Society. There was gifts, food, and special performances. You can check out some of the highlights here.

Win Pink!

This year we’re doing something different. We are suprising the givers, We want to gift you, givers! Email us for your chance to when gifts for your “pink party” Write us a 5-10 sentence paragraph; why your event deserves free gifts. Include details about your event and the women participating. Good luck party people. Tag us on Instgram #PartyMomPartys for instant wins.

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