PartyMom goes to Hollywood!

PartyMom goes to Hollywood!

Yes, I went to Hollywood!

My trip was a business trip, of course. But what a trip it was. As soon as I landed I headed off to do business, you know what they say, business first pleasure later.

I had the pleasure of chatting it up with the amazing Liz Torres, one of the first female comedians. She’s 71 years young and has a vibrant spirit. It went so good that it caused for a celebration, well anything could cause for a celebration in my world. Afterwards, I headed right over to celebrate. I started my day with a tour guide at Paramount Studios. My guide tour Glen or Daniel, I can’t remember, he was really cool. He first came off a little rude, but I soon realized its apart of his personality, which made the tour interesting, but definitely fun. Btw, he really was a nice and fun tour guide, Ill recommend him.

Check out a wrap up of the tour here,

After my tour, I headed over to my hotel. I stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel located right on Hollywood Blvd. The hotel had twelve floors, three event rooms, a restaurant and club inside also, an amazing heated pool. I absolutley loved it. The room’s lights were like fixtures from the 1970’s. Very beautiful and antique. My room on the 5th floor overlooked a parking lot and a nice view onto the California mountians. A sight to see.

I’m a kid at heart so of course I checked out all the meseums during my visit. All the meseums are located right on Hollywood Blvd.

  1. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
  2. Hollywood Wax Museum
  3. Guinness World Records Museum

    I had so much fun during my visit, it brought up so many childhood memories.
    I seen a lot of families traveling during my visit.I can’t wait to take my family. I’ve already started planning for it.

    The next morning I decided to take a stroll down west Hollywood, somewhere down Franklin and Coyne street. I met a guy from San Francisco during my stroll. He explained to me he had been there for three months, and to him it was to busy for him. I laughed and replied, “so is Chicago” which he’d never been. I suggested he should visit, it was only right, right?

    The day of my return home I awoke around 7am. I packed my bags. Then I took a shower and put on my hiking gear (partymom style). I ate breakfast at the Mcdonalds on The Blvd. Right after I went for a light hike. My body definitely felt the after affect of walking down and up hills in wedge sandals. Returning to the hotel I gathered my things, enjoyed a delicious Cesar salad from the restuarant inside the hotel; 25 Degrees, and waited for my uber to take me to the airport. The ride was long, nevertheless, my commute was safe and I made it home safe and sound.

    Until next time L.A šŸ¤©
    Check out some of my fondest moments here!

    Back to Chicago!

    L.A. inspirations here,

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