Baby Fitst Birthday!

Yes! It’s here. Your baby turns one today. Can you summarize Her/His first year of life. 🤗 What are your family traditions? Are you the party type? We are. We definitely like to throw a party or two. We love to celebrate those milestones; first birthdays, fabulous five, Sweet sixteen, dirty thirty, name your party theme and we will create it and deliver it.

First birthdays

First birthdays are special for so many reasons. One special reason is your baby is turning one!!! You have managed to keep yourself and another human, your baby, together for one full year, that’s a celebration itself. Right, Moms. I can remember my first daughter birthday like it was ten years ago, because it was. Lol. We threw her first birthday at the boys and girls club that was located by lathrop homes. I didn’t know then, but PartyMom was unveiling right before my eyes. I could say this was my first inspiration.

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time. All of our closes friends and family was there. It was the first and only birthday we did not wear coats. She’s a spring baby. The weather is always tricky around spring. We learned to adjust. It’s what us Chicagoans do.

Mama’s baby!

Check out some inspirations for your baby first birthday!

1st Birthday centerpieces

First I choose some beautiful cups I had left over from a previous party! More in stock from our party collection.

Then, I choose some beautiful premium gold napkins from our party collection


The crown cardstock, also, from our party collection, could be used for a place card, note card, thank you card, or even a happy birthday card!



You choose!

We create and deliver!

Last, but not least, I topped off the centerpieces with some yummy and top of the line chocolates!


These centerpieces can be used for a princess, ballerina, tutu, or pink theme.

You choose!

We create and deliver!



For a bigger wow, for your guest, Add Balloons!! We customize balloons and balloon designs.

Contact us for your quote now!

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