Home for the holidays

Rather you’re already home, or coming home, The holidays are made for time to spend with family and those closes to you. I’m talking about your favorite cousins, goofy uncle, your noisy auntie, and of course all your nieces and nephews. I enjoy these moments. There’s nothing more special than creating moments to remember for a lifetime.

My family and I have traditions just like the next family. When my children Daddy and I awake on Thanksgiving day we start with a huge breakfast at our home. It usually consists of pancakes or waffles,(home-made) eggs, rice, bacon, or sausages, fruit, and a tall glass of O.J. Then, we get dressed, a family of six takes about an hour to get prepared. On a good day of course, If we prepare ourselves the day before. Afterwards, we are ready and head over to grandma house. This is where all the magic takes place. Grandma never disappoints. Everything from her Turkey and dressing down to the Hawaiian rolls are nothing but perfect.

After stuffing my face with all those delicious sides and yummy turkey, meat was falling off the bone. Mmmm. I had to sit down, or stumble down, you know what I mean, right. Ever been so stuffed you physically feel like you are about to stumble over? I was that stuffed after my second plate. Whew! I was pretty much glued to the couch for about 20-30 minutes. However, that did not stop me from participating in our traditional dance off! We just love our family Dance Parties. Needless to say another wonderful time well spent with family. Can’t wait for Christmas to see everyone and turn up once more.

Although, we never stop turning up we’re party animals it’s what we do. Check out some holiday inspirations we put together just for you. Stand out as the host, leave lasting memories for every one to enjoy!

Don’t complicate things. If you’re a fancy host or just love nice things, you already have something in your home to set the tone. I guarantee it. Home decor makes the perfect center-piece. It can also be inexpensive, depending on your budget, but one thing for certain this centerpiece can be used again and again.

Be inspired!

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