December’s Arrival

December has arrived. So has the cold weather that comes along. Burr. I prefer Fall weather, or even lasts night temps, 38-41 degrees, Cold, but warm enough for a nice sweater dress, my comfy winter leggings, and light boots, #momlife. Luckily, the ice was just about gone on our excursion. There were no slips, or better yet no falling ice. Of course, signs still everywhere, can’t be to sure. We enjoyed the night. Cold weather or not, It will not stop me from participating in all the fun festivities Tis season. Unless, i’m throwing your party, of course.

The holidays are always fun for me. It brings me joy. l look forward to the fun attractions Chicago has to offer. I love the time spent with my family and friends, and the endless memories my immediate family and i create, celebrating old and new traditions. Each year my children are older and more wiser. And dad, he’s dad, keeping smiles on his girls face all year long.

Last night my family and I took a stroll downtown Chicago. We walked down State street passed the Macy’s store. Every year Macy’s displays beautiful Christmas decorations inside their store windows. Each window has a different storyline, really pretty. I recommend visiting at night.

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