It’s Christmas, why not, a gift for you, you, and you!

Are you in the mood for giving?

We are. last week for Giving tuesday we reached out to our community schools on a personal note.

Tis the season!

We are gifting teachers and creators. Teachers and creators to us are what water is to the body. It’s neccessary. We adore teachers. Teachers make up a huge part of our community. We want to show them they’re appreciated more than they know. But we need your help, help us shine a light on a teacher or creator that brightens up your life. Write us a letter, with the header Dear Party Mom, Tell us in five -six sentence why your teacher is the best teacher to you. We will then send his/her a special gift thanking them for being a shining star in your life.

Here’s how you enter!

1. Send your Dear Partymom letter to make sure to subject the email with Dear Partymom, or you can leave them at the partymom mailbox @ your local school!

2. Invite your friends to the party! We don’t want anyone missing out on the fun. Share this link directly to your facebookpage.

3. Wait to hear back from us with details on if your teacher has won!

Winners will receive their FREE GIFTS just in time for Christmas. Submissions are due December 17th.

4. That’s it! We don’t like to complicate things, we like to keep things detailed, but uncomplicated.

It’s our job!

Submissions must be submitted by December 17th 2018.

We look forward to your letters! Thank you for your participation.

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