Dressing up for holidays

What type are you?

Are you the dressed up or dressed down type? You’re getting ready to attend your Christmas dinner party, and what do you pick? Does its matter on the occasion, like who’s going to be there. Maybe you’re dressing formal because your amongst your colleagues, or maybe your going to a family house party, and you want to be comfortable. What do you wear?

I’m currently sporting the nice and comfy outfit, The one where I can eat two plates, two pieces of cake and you not even notice my stomach is hanging over my pants at this point. Lol, I still look good though.


My favorite dish of the night was my uncles dressing, I have to admit it was better than my grandma’s this year. He did learn from her. Nevertheless, her dressing was too delicious, leftovers already done. Lol.

Would you like the recipe?

Comment below for recipe,

We enjoyed our time well spent with our family, and like always we stuck to our many traditions. This Christmas was perfect. We laughed we danced, we sang.

The girls received so many gifts, they are well loved. We are forever grateful.

How did you celebrate your Christmas?

Tell us your story, we’re waiting!

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