Party at the Garfield Park Conservatory

Have you ever visited the Garfield Park conservatory? If not, why not? It’s literally one of the most beautiful places in Chicago, on the West side of Chicago, Garfield Park to be exact.

The neighborhood is part of an up and coming community. Beleive me when I tell you, the neighborhood has it’s rough parts, as do all of Chicago. The issues and concerns surrounding the neighborhood is all to real, and we all find ourselves questioning why, but there’s hope, there always is.

The beauty of poverty neighborhoods, yes, the beauty, is when your down, there’s only one way out, and that’s up. I’m a firm believer. I’m a visionary, personally, I see all things, ugly and beautiful, uninspiring and inspiring.

This brings me to my topic of discussion. There’s hope, there always is. Take the Conservatory for example. You put something beautiful in a place where you think no one would look, and what do you get? Tell me, what did you see on your visit?

When I visit, I see people coming from all over the city. I’ve met people from different parts of the world. I’ve seen teachers, grandparents, students, moms, dads, and families visiting.

The many different plants there are amazing, and when holidays are near they like to incoprate the theme around the plants. This winter it was all about the display of pink poinsettias and deep green trees decorated in a rosy illumination. When I’m here I’m always inspired and reminded that all things are made beautiful. Without life and living things, what would our earth be. We all need to keep inspiring those with us and after us, just like those before us.

Aspire to inspire!

My family and I visit often, our last visit we held a little party. It was one of many we got to enjoy this year.

Don’t get left out the party!

Here are a few things the conservatory has to offer,

Admission is free M-S

Business hours 9am-5pm

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