Mommy’s little helper

Seasons Greetings

This little helper right here deserves her own post. My party girl, what would I do without you. This year I really have to give thanks for this little one, she is growing into her little own self. I’m grateful for all my children, please know, but my youngest has really blossomed this year, and she deserves all the recognition.

Right here she’s preparing for her own little taste of what it feels like to be a big girl at the table, or in this case, our special host, Mommy’s little helper.

The table is set from previously used Christmas decorations. We rarely throw away decor at our home. There’s always something to be made new again. The red glasses are the oldest decor at the table, been in the family for years. You can never not need a glass, or four. Makes good for easy decorating. Also, they can easily be used as Wine holders at any moment, that is what they’re for, right. Lol, Simple! The place mats are new editions, couldn’t pass on them, bought from Kohls.

Now that the table is done, time to remove the cookies from the oven.

Some of these are new, some old, nothing borrowed, and half is decorated in blue.

In my home we always keep cookies in our fridge, it’s our go to snacks. Daddy picked these out on grocery day from our local Walmart. These babies were right on time. Thanks dad!

Seasons Greetings!

Here’s a Last minute #Diy decorating tip. Use your leftover decorations to spruce up a wall, or two. All you need is a Christmas card, a few bows and tape. You can have your little helper do this with you. Perfect for quick and easy decorating.

Adding lights is always a good idea. Really easy and inexpensive. You could purchase lights and bows from your local dollar store. I wouldn’t suggest leaving the lights on while your away. Make sure to turn off before leaving. Safety first!

Keep it simple. Cups are perfect for holding utensils!

Have you ever seen a christmas tree as a centerpiece? You should try it!

Cake! cake! cake!

Red velvet!


Now that the table is set, the snacks are done, and the cakes were still warm, it was time to get the party started!

Thanks for reading! We hoped you enjoyed, and if you missed us live on Christmas day. You can always go to our Youtube channel PartyMom Productions subscribe and enjoy to view our next Live event.

Special thanks to my uncle who threw down on the delicious food. My grandmother for always coming through, she’s the real Mrs. Santa claus. I enjoyed all my siblings, and extended family. Thank you to my girlfriend Charmin who stopped by and dropped off the pie, and Thank you to my friends who called and even sent texts. You all are loved and forever in my heart. Here’s to a beautiful and prosperous year!

Don’t get left out the party!

be part of it🎈

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