Green Tamato Cafe Table Discussion

Yesterday I held a discussion in our neighborhood cafe. The Green Tamato Cafe. This conversation, we were to team up with Community organizers, neighbors and leaders all over Chicago, to explore more ways to build, connect and protect. Although, the crowd was small, due to Chicago’s blizzard weather. The conversation was pretty awesome, I had the pleasure of speaking with four young community members who’s really in tune with thier neighborhood.

These young children ages 4-12 have more knowledge and insight than some adults I met, Respectfully. I have been inspired. My next conversation I will focus on the children, they should also have a say so on what’s going on where they’re living. You’ll be surprised what young leaders are sitting right in front of us.

Visit my youtube page, PartyMom Productions, where I was able to capture these children unfiltered and unscripted answers. While you’re there Subscribe for more updates and videos.

Stay tuned for my next video, where we talk about the runners up for our next mayor candidate. #powerhour

Who will you choose?

Thanks for reading!

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