St. Patty’s Weddings and Party Favors Ideas #DIY

Hey Party people. I’m back with another #DIY. This St. Patty’s inspired wedding favors takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. And, this wedding/party favor can be duplicated with anyone’s budget. Remember, my last #Diy where I used #Dollartree flowers, and created beautiful Wedding favors/gifts. Well, I also used #Dollartree materials in this one. Check it out!

You can check out my previous blog for more ideas.

Materials needed,

  1. Plastic-Shot glasses

As I mentioned, I purchased mine from #Dollartree

2. Mustache stickers

Purchased from #Fivebelow

3. Party straws or some sort of party untinsel for decorations to top of your shot glass!

I used left over materials from my last #Diy.





Okay, lets get started.


I took the shots glasses and clean them off with a napkin. You can use a towel, or some sort of drying, or streak free technique you may or may not know. I’m very particular about details. A smudge could ruin it, for me. Next step.


Sticker your glasses! If you think the adhesive isn’t strong enough on your stickers, go ahead and try extra glue, or hot glue, but, these stickers I purchased from #Fivebelow is pretty strong. (Fyi)


After your stickers are placed on the glasses, you can now top them off with your party “garnish”. Keep scrolling to see the final look.







All Done!!

Now you’re ready to host your party! Just remember to tell your friends to bring the wine, or green Shamrock!





What did you think of this #Diy, would you like to see more?

Leave your feedback below

Sketch shot glasses, what would you put on yours?

Don’t get left out the party!


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