Facebook and Instgram Down?!?!?!

Well, now what?

Are you one of the few, thinking, why now? So am I. like most small businesses today, and Entrepreneurs working all over the world. We are focused on using every tool available, to help us reach our customers. Tools like Facebook and Instgram, are one of, if not, the number one App for small businesses. So imagine, for one sec, if you did not have these tools available to you. What would you do? Would you still be able to operate, or will you be left out the loop? Are you capable of still reaching your customers without Facebook or Instgram? Something to think about, huh,

This reminds me of the early, 2000’s. When my parents thought the world was coming to the end. If my memory serves me correctly, I think people phrased it as the Y2k. We were made to believed, at the crack of 12-am, everyone lights, phones, and anything of a power source will be disconnected. I mean this is nothing like that, right, or is it? I surely hope not. Few times I’m frustrated with Facebook and Instgram, but, Today the very thought of not having neither for my business, worried me a little. But, then I thought, there’s so many business before “Facebook” and they’re or were still very successful without the two. This quickly eased my mind.

Nevertheless, I hope this issue will be fixed soon. I know a lot of people are frustrated and feels helpless, but, I’m here to tell you. There’s no reason to panic!

A billion dollar corporation like “Facebook” does not want to loose thier customers or credibility for the matter. (assuming) they were prepared, security system in place, employees continually working on site management, This is a Billion Dollar Company. How does something like this occur. How does a billion dollar corporation, fail to have a better operating system. Figuratively, and literally. I assume, Facebook is feeling pressured to. Running such a large corporation and having many people depending on them, sounds a bit overwhelming I could admit. To think, they’re also a “Business” and just as much as thier customers are losing opportunities, they are to. Did you know? Small business owners and entrepreneurs make of half of facebook users.

Word is, Mark Zuckerberg and his team, is working very diligently to fix the issue.

Hey Mark, let me host your Re-launch Party. We like to Party! Don’t get left out the party, be part of it.


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