Tuesdays, Dinner and a Movie🎈

Tuesdays, perfect #DateNight🎈

What does a family of six do on a weekday?

well, if your our family you go out, and enjoy a dinner and a movie.

My family and I love exploring our city. We enjoy our traditional outings, and exploring new gems. We try to go out at least once a month, sometimes twice, as a Family. When dad and I were younger, and before the children, we spent plenty days going out to the movies, and out to dinner. It’s our go-to signature #Datenight. So, of course, once the children arrived we continued on, and made it our “Family” tradition.

The day is Tuesday. Our favorite day for a dinner and a movie.

You’ll see why!

First, we go out for dinner. Our favorite spot, Denny’s. Yes, kids eat free every Tuesday, thursday, and Saturday’s.

Check your local locations for more details.

Did you know?

Every Tuesday most Cinemarks offers discounted movie tickets!

You’re welcome!

Family Time!

While mama is settling in, and getting orders in, Dad is purchasing our tickets. The movie theather, Cinemark, in Melrose Park is located right across from Denny’s. It’s a win win. There’s also a nice selection of stores, and eateries. Winston Plaza, has over 20 different locations to shop, eat, and party.

Going out for dinner first is no coincidence. This helps us to stay within our budget. Going out doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to be “creative” and experienced. I have been coordinating dates with children for over 10 years, Im a pro now. Children were so full from dinner, they didnt even think about asking for anything else to eat, not even popcorn. Our Denny’s bill was $30. Not bad at all for a party of six.

After dinner we headed over to our movie. Walked right in, without waiting. because, dad already purchsaed tickets. We’re not new to this we’re true to it.

Here we are being escorted to our seats, This theather got an upgrade, and we are here for it!!

Right after, we head in to our seats, and it’s time to get comfortable, and enjoy this movie.

Our movie choice was Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel- 2019 PG-13
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

128 minutes

Overall, the movie was pretty good. They did a good job telling her story, without over doing it. I would give it it a 7 out of 10. There could’ve been more action. Perhaps, they’re saving all the action for the next Avengers; Endgame. Either way, we are for it!

Our overall expenses for this outing was under $50!!


We keep our outings reasonable and affordable! just like our

Children parties.

We are you go-to-planners-! We start and finish the party. Believe us, we are the experts you want to know.

Don’t get left out the party parents, be part of it!

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