Tuesday, It’s a date🎈

Looking for a good place to take your date?

Let’s discuss

So my bae told me about this spot, Beatrix. Located in oakbrook. It’s an upscale coffee and brunch restaurant. Very chic environment. He delivers here often, and mentioned the premium quality food choices they order. So, me, who just love to eat, had to try them out and see for myself.

We arrived around 12:30pm, during a Tuesday afternoon. Needless to say, this was definitely lunch hour. It was a packed house. We almost didn’t stay, the parking was hectic. Mostly, because we arrived during lunch hour, I’d like to believe, or this place is always jumping (crowded). We visited the Oakbrook location.

Finally, we found a park, after six go rounds, and five minutes driving around looking for parking. Nevertheless, it was time to go in and see this place.

Walking in, we waited for about three minutes before being seated. Server was polite and sweet. She sat us in the middle of the restaurant, two tables straight down the middle, away from this black and white photo, of a singer( which isn’t pictured) you have to go to see for yourself. The spot was nice because we were able to take sight and check out the restaurants from all angles.

Time to order!

I ordered the Chocolate Salmon. It had a nice season with the right amount of sweetness. With salmon, sometimes people could over do it with the seasoning, but, this one was well marinated, and caramelize with a nice amount of sweet chocolate sauce. I assumed, that’s where the sweetness comes in. Not pictured, but, I cut my salmon and enjoyed them as tacos! The added ingredients were coleslaw, with chickpeas and walnuts. Then, there’s the green salsa to top the taco off! Nice mix. I’ll order this again for sure.

Daddy order the Prime Burger, it was delicious. I know, because, I had some.

I love burgers!

The burger was juicy, buns were toasted, and topped with white cheddar cheese. I think next visit I will order the burger, for sure.

The meal left us saistified, but, we needed more. We got a peek at the dessert menu and had to try a piece of the Caramel Pie. It was definitely the icing of the meal! We’re not sure if the whip cream was homemade, but, it was perfect with the pie.


We will be going here again for our next date night. We will be bringing some friends to. Sign up here for your exclusive invite🎈

Check out your closes Beatrix location- for menu options and more.

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