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The ultimate party is on the way!!

This party planner is every parents dream come true! Imagine meeting a party planner, who knows exactly what to do when it comes to planning the perfect birthday party for your little one, or yourself for the matter.

We all need some fun adult time every now and then.We are serving Chicago and surrounding areas proudly. We give the party experience you can enjoy and remember.

Don’t get left out the party!

Here on our blog PartyMom and her party crew will share party tips, party experiences, party creations and plug you with the latest, and hottest Chicago spots right here in your city. let’s celebrate milestones, share party trends and celebrate each other, we are all here for all things party.

Join here and be a part of the party.

Children parties

Creating and delivering stress free children parties is what we are all about! We don’t want you planning the day, and not being part of the party, there’s no fun in that. let’s us put the fun back in party,creating a day special for everyone!

At your event your friends and family will enjoy and remember this experience forever. We have everything your party can imagine, Budget parties, impressive party decorations, party tips, party exclusives, balloon designs and party experiences for all ages to enjoy.

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